Optimal rigidity design

BBT40/50 Direct Drive Spindle SIEMENS 1PH8 high speed motor, Professional for Die & mold process.

Columns and Cross beam one-piece casting

4/5 axis simultaneous head (TRAMEC)

Tramec head with a low weight design guaranties best machine dynamic Water-cooled A&C-axis to guarantee stable machining processes

Machine Travel Layout

High-Speed Moving Table Machining Center Specification

Distance between columnsmm1400
Table sizeLengthmm20003000
Maximum Table Loadton810
T-slotWidth x Pitch x NOmm22 x 150 x 7
TravelX -axismm22003200
Y -axismm1300
Z -axismm800
SpindleNose to tablemm100 ~ 900
SpeedrpmBBT40 - 15000rpm
PowerkW20 kW
X axis G00m/min25
Y / Z axis G00m/min25
ATC & tool magazineCapacity / Max DiammATC 24pcs / Max. dia Ø 90 ( full tools ) ; Ø 180 ( Adjacent pocket empty )
Max tool weight / LengthKg/mm7Kg / 250mm
Tool selection Arm-cam
Power / Pneumatic 60 KVA / 6.5 kg/cm²
Machine sizeLengthmm66808680
Machine Weight (app.)ton2025

All data will change based on the actual situation without notice.

Standard Accessories

  1. SIEMENS 828D + 10.4"LCD
  2. Spindle cooler
  3. Spindle air blast
  4. Cutting coolant system
  5. Auto lubrication system
  6. Rigid tapping
  7. Electrical cabinet heat exchange
  8. Program end alarm light
  1. USB / RS-232 interface
  2. Air / water cleaning equipment
  3. Dual sprial type chip remover
  4. Steel belt type chip conveyor
  5. Operator manual
  6. Working lamp
  7. Oil skimmer
  8. Tool kits
  1. X / Y / Z axis ballscrew
  2. X / Y / Z axis roller linear guideway
  3. Foot switch for tool released
  4. Semi enclosure splash guard (no roof)
  5. X axis telescopic cover + Y axis JAVARA
  6. Hanging type control panel + MPG
  7. Transformer
  8. Level screw and Foundation J-bolt

Optional Accessories

  1. Heidenhain 530iTN
  2. Direct drive spindle (BBT50, 10,000rpm)
  3. Built-in spindle (BBT50, 12,000rpm)
  4. Built-in spindle (HSK A63, 20,000rpm)
  1. All axis linear scale
  2. Tool piece measurement
  3. Auto work piece measurement
  4. Coolant through spindle
  1. Coolant cooler
  2. Special milling head
  3. Auto head exchanger stand
  4. Full enclosure splash guard

Technical data of SIEMENS 828D

System performance
Basic quantity of axes / spindles / auxiliary axes4
Each additional axis / spindle
Each additional axis / spindle
Max. configuration axes / spindles / auxiliary axes6
Max. number of interpolating axes4
Max. number of machining channels1
Minimum block cycle time2 ms
CNC user memory (extendable by user-CF-card)3M byte
CNC Functions
Tool management with monitoring of tool life andworkpiece count
Replacement tools
Max. number of tools / cutting edges128/256
Number of settable zero-offsets100
Asynchronous subroutines ASUB
Synchronized actions and high-speed auxiliary function output
Acceleration with jerk limitation
Look Ahead (number of blocks)100
Compressor for 3-axis machining
Advanced Surface
A, B, C spline interpolation
TRANSMIT and peripheral surface transformation
Travel to fixed stop
Travel to fixed stop with Force Control
Inclined axis for nonorthogonal Y-axisNA
Synchronous spindle function for subspindle (CP Static)NA
Synchronous spindle function multiedge turning (CP Basic)NA
Pair of synchronized axes Gantry
Temperature compensation
Bidirectional leadscrew error compensation
Multi-dimensional sag compensation
Master / slave for drivesNA
Analysis of internal drive valuesNA
CNC Programming and Operation
Programming language(DIN 66025 and high-level language expansion)
Online ISO dialect interpreter
Technology cycles for drilling and milling
Residual material detection and machining
Programming support for technology cycles(programGUIDE)
ShopTurn / ShopMill machining stepprogramming
Measuring cycles for drilling / milling and turning
Simulation in plane display
Simulation in 3-D display
Simultaneous recording(real-time simulation of current machining operation)
Extended operator functions for complex turningand milling tasks
Contour handwheel
Network drive management
Remote diagnostics function RCS Host
PLC Functions
Integrated PLC based on SIMATIC S7-200
PLC periphery modules PP 72 / 48D PN, PP 72 / 48D 2 / 2A PN
Ladder viewer and add-on editor on board
Processing time per PLC command0.025µs
Max. number of PLC ladder steps24000
Servo-synchronous High Speed PLC Task
Reaction time to process events (terminal to terminal)~7.5 ms
Max. number of digital inputs / outputs288/192
Max. number of analogue inputs / outputs8/8
PN / PN coupler
Commissioning and Service Functions
Easy Screen easy creation of user screens(OA Runtime License from 5 user screens)
Service Planner planner for maintenance tasks
Easy Extend management of machine components
Easy Archive data archiving

Standard,   Optional,   NA not available