YONG JU (Y.J.) PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is located at Taichung, Taiwan that established by several technician and expertise who deeply loves research, development and challenge in this field.

Our specialized main products are CNC double column machining center.

Our build FOUR-STAR : excellent, confident, intellect, service on enterprise spirit.


FOUR-STAR represent excellent, confident, intellect, service. We provide our products and service with variety, humanity & optimization within enterprise life extended by its customers absolutely satisfaction. Cooperate with Japan premium company for developing all type high speed high precision double column machining centers to afford allcustomer over world.


Fixed Double Column Machining Center
Sliding Double Column Machining Center
5F Double Column Machining Center
5A Double Column Machining Center
Horizontal Milling & Boring Machining Center


Customer : To fulfill the customers satisfaction.

Capacity : Advanced technology and capacity to assist our customers demands.

Confidence : From manufacture to responsible after sales services are persued for our customers their trust.


FOUR STAR products are qualified by high quality, superior performance, high productive capacity and high reliability. We continuously persued ISO 9001 & ISO14001 excellent quality guaranteed as our goal, would become the highest quality CNC machine manufacturer.

FOUR STAR products get two essential factors "position accuracy" and "repeatability accuracy",
so completely conform to JISB6338, VDI/DGQ3441 and ISO-8636 standard specification.

Quality system ISO9001 & ISO 14001 Standard Specification JISB6338, VDI/DGQ3441, ISO-8636


Carries out the resource recovery, reduces the reject the production.

Impetus environment improvement, prevents the pollution continually.

Observes the environmental laws, establishes the sole responsibility Operating command.

The staff educational training regularly, carries on the environment communication at the right time.

From product development to after sales customer service all environmental sense.