Excellent structure rigidity

Rigid structure is essential condition of double column machining center. Our machine structure used high quality cast iron MEEHANITE GC-275 processing with tempering , that make more rigidity and stability. The structural sharp has designed by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) enables to display the best rigidity and anti-seismic property.Therefore can prevent cutting resonance occured, promote the effective accuracy and increase the cutter life.

Excellent spindle box characteristic

Spindle box designed with rectangular proportion 1:1.125, the optimization cross-section modulus can provide the Z axis traveling rigidity. The spindle box interior strengthens by the middle partition and arc rib, can advance the cutting feed stability.

Best Z axis balance response system

The loop double N2 tank counter-balance that can provide the Z travel completely systematic and demand of the strong force thrust processing. It designs with central symmetrical spindle system, the spindle, motor, ball screw and the loop counter-balance makes the best spatial disposition.

This unique design allows the machine to remain stable when the temperature rise. Even if the emergency power off will not occur the slide down, also guaranteed that the cutting tool work security.

Enlarge Cutting Space & Optimal transmission design

10 key indicators for Double Columns Machining Center

  • Box-in-Box unity cast-iron structure.
  • AHC and Column separate independent firm ground.
  • Columns and base separate independent firm ground.
  • Extend Y travel for auto 5F machining.
  • All linear guideways enhance rigidity and accuracy.
  • Crossbeam guideways span max Hmax and Bmin.
  • Distance between spindle center and crossbeam Dmin.
  • Spindle motor on top isolate vibration and heat source.
  • With planetary gearbox efficiency over 95%.
  • Gearbox is placed on the top for depth machining.

Spindle motor on Top RAM

Spindle center position is closed to the cross beam to add strength for heavy duty cutting and stability.
Work piece depth machining, Effectively removes the heat and isolates the vibration.

Best tool exchanging system

The spindle coordinate with the floating-type of hydraulic exchanging tool system. When loose the tools, the main spindle bearing is not affect with hydraulic balance their external force, also guarantees the spindle accuracy and life.

Best the feeding system :

The X and Y axis used with the HGH series, the Z axis uses with the RGH series linear guideway, picks the heavy load, the high accuracy P level linear guideway has 0.003~0.005 low friction and the driven sensitivity, to promote the dynamic accuracy.

Best feeding structure system

All three travels used the C3 level precision ball screw, besides the design anti-collision protective device. The end point suitably advanced tighten to reduce the screw's heat deformation. All machine used with the absolute coordinates system to match with the optical scale, to reach the working accuracy requirements.

Stong spindle cutting power

The spindle uses BT50# diameter Ø100mm, uses the P4 level precision ball bearing speed to be possible to reach 6,000rpm above.

The machine uses Japan FANUC series high torsion, high powered spindle motor, and matches with German ZF-DOUPLAN precision high low-grade gear box.

To deal with various fields of cutting condition to provide sufficient horsepower and the torque output.

Best working space

The motor base and the gearbox set on the spindle box up, which may deepen the cutting depth reaching 1300mm above. When set up 90° side milling head,

the Y-travel processing will not reduce because crossbeam length (Y-travel) increases 600mm relatively.

For example: the maximum cutting space of FD3260 is 6000mm x 3800mm x 1100mm.