Structural Design (For FD-2852)

FD-14 Series Crossbeam & Column Unity frame with reinforced ribs.

  • Box in box unity cast-iron frame
  • According to door width matching best crossbeam design
  • 3 top / 4 bottom linear blocks
  • Unity frame with reinforced ribs
  • Stair type structural design
  • Optimal design 400x450mm² (std)
  • 550x550mm², 650x650mm² (opt)
  • Ribs casting in key section of RAM
  • Supported with RGH roller guide ways
  • High rigidity heavy duty RAM.
  • Assume optimization cross-section modulus rectangular proportion 1:1.125 (400mm:425mm) and reinforced by interior rib frame.
  • The roller-rail RGH linear guideway that length cover-rate 56~76% can advance the cutting feed, rigidity and stability.
  • Box in box unity cast-iron frame
  • Hand scraped mounted surface
  • Enlarge column for stability design
  • Double layer loop frame
  • High rigid & heavy duty loading
  • More linear blocks to ensure rigidity and accuracy
  • Improve rigidity and stability and load...
    average load 12000kg/m².
  • Box-in-box unity cast-iron frame
  • FD-28 ~ FD-42 three linear guide way base
  • Interior loop ribs reinforcement
  • The box-in-box structure with big ribs and the unity forming frame of chip groove (FD18 series), the base design for three linear guideways (FD24, FD28, FD32 series) that get greater rigidity and dynamic accuracy even heavy loading. For example FD-2842 base weight (20ton) more 30% than other competitor base.
  • Use box-in-box structural design replace with hollow column, which is 50% heavier than other competitor their products.
  • The column and crossbeam their linking surface adjusted by hand scraping. the verticality, flatness increases the structure stiff rigidity.