Special Milling Head

  • 90° head
  • Extended 90° head
  • Extended head
  • AC swiveling head
  • Universal head
  • 5 Face head

AC Axis Head

    A AxisC AxisA AxisC Axis
    Travel±95°±225°125° / 95°±225°
    Clambing force6000 Nm2000 Nm
    Precision of postioning±8"±20"
    Precision of repeatability±6"±15"
    Travel speed300 °/s40 °/s
    Acceleration800 °/s²300 °/s²
    Encoder systemAbsoluteIncremental
  • 5 axis Simultaneous head
  • Auto 90° milling head
  • Auto AC swiveling head
  • 5 Face index head

Built-in Spindle

Advanced Built-in-type High Speed Spindle

Orientating and rigid tapping function. Coolant jets around the spindle.

The advanced built-in-type spindle provides extra highly efficient cutting and stability.

Oversized spindle features maximum rigidity, and is excellent for high speed machining.

The spindle motor, controlled by a drive, provides high torque output at low speed range to meet heavy cutting requirement.

  • Built-in spindle HSK-A100
  • Built-in spindle HSK-A63

Measurment System

Automatic work piece measurment system & Tool length measurement

  • HEIDENHAIN linear scale

Special Optional

  • Gear-rack drive
  • Heavy duty gear box
  • Oil skimmer
  • CNC rotary