Precision wooden mold

Make wooden mold by precision computerize analysis, causes the intensity of sand mold and bores reach the excellent condition. So, the cast iron quality is stable, reduced the thermal deformation and the internal stress.

Skillful Technique

Structure assembly surface processing by precision hand scraping, increases the structure rigidity and the stability it may promote the processing accuracy.

Excellent Assembling

To prevent the accumulated error, when assembly process assisted by the precision instrument in each process , enable to reach the best accuracy within specification.

Inspection & Alignment

The whole machine test and laser calibration according to standards ISO, DIN, JIS, CNS...

Geometry accuracy :

Straightness, perpendicularity, flatness by laser gauging and circularity by ball-bar test.

Practical Tests

  • Face cutting
  • Ø127mm
  • 350rpm
  • 400mm/min
  • t=8mm
  • SP load 70%
  • x load 28%
  • Drilling
  • Ø43mm
  • 120rpm
  • 30mm/min
  • Z load 80%
  • Rigid-tapping
  • M6-1.0