Moving-Crossrail (W-travel)

Machining Center Specification

Standard Accessories

  1. FANUC 0iMF + 10.4"LCD
  2. Spindle and Gear-box cooler
  3. Spindle air blast
  4. Cutting coolant system
  5. Auto lubrication system
  6. Rigid tapping
  7. Electric cabinet heat exchanger
  8. Program end alarm lamp
  9. Ethernet/USB/RS232 interface
  10. GTP 2G250 H/L gearbox
  11. Air/Water cleaning equipment
  12. Twin spiral type chip remover
  13. Steel belt chip conveyor with cart
  1. Working lamp & Tool kit
  2. Operator/Maintenance manual
  3. X axis steel telescopic cover
  4. Y axis JAVARA cover
  5. Arm type ATC with tool magazine
  6. ATC auto door
  7. Foot switch for tool away
  8. Leveling screw + foundation bolt
  9. X axis rack-pinion-syn. servo control with two linear scales (X ≧ 5m)
  10. Y axis rack-pinion control with Linear scale (SD(W)-48 & up, GM-45 & up)
  11. W axis two linear scales (for SDW)
  12. Mobile control room (for SD/SDW)
  13. Toggle control panel (for HRP, HDT)

Optional Accessories

  1. Twin gate/Twin bridge
  2. SDW type (W Travel 1M~2M)
  3. Siemens, Heidenhain Controller
  4. 30/37KW + ZF 2K300 (4500rpm)
  5. X, Y, Z, W axis linear scale
  6. CTS 40~70 bars (for main spindle)
  7. Tool length measurement
  8. Auto work piece measurement
  9. CNC rotary (index) table
  10. Y axis steel telescopic cover
  11. Transformer
  12. Oil skimmer
  1. High speed direct spindle motor (for die and mold)
  2. Wide range spindle motor
  3. Heavy duty RAM 550mm x 550mm (4 guideways)
  4. Heavy duty RAM 650mm x 650mm (4 guideways)
  5. 90° milling head (Auto, Semi auto, Manual)
  6. Extension head (Auto, Manual)
  7. 90° extension milling head (Auto, Manual)
  8. AC swiveling head (Auto, Manual)
  9. AHC system (for auto head)
  10. Five/Four axis Simultaneous head (TRAMEC)
  11. Five face milling head (Fixed type)
  12. Other Specific customerization

Twin Heads with Rotary table Gantry Machine