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Company Profile

YONG JU (Y.J.) PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., is located at Changhua County, Taiwan that established by several technicians and experts who deeply love research, development and challenge in this field.

We specialize in CNC Double Column Machining Center.

Spirit of our brand -- FOUR-STAR: excellent, confident, intellect, service on enterprise spirit.


Premium Products

  • Fixed Double Column Machining Center
  • Sliding Double Column Machining Center
  • 5F Double Column Machining Center
  • 5A Double Column Machining Center
  • Horizontal Milling & Boring Machining Center


Quality Policy

FOUR-STAR products are qualified by high quality, superior performance, high productive capacity and high reliability. We continuously pursue ISO 9001 & ISO14001 excellent quality guaranteed as our goal, would become the highest quality CNC machine manufacturer.

We master two elements of the best machine tools: "position accuracy" and "repeatability accuracy", so completely conform to JISB6338, VDI/DGQ3441 and ISO-8636 standard specification.

Quality system: ISO9001 & ISO 14001 Standard Specification JISB6338, VDI/DGQ3441, ISO-8636


First CNC Fixed Table Double Columns Machine(SD-28110) of our company that sells to CHINA.
Sell Taiwan's first Sliding Double Column Machining Center(SD-42090) into European market.
Export Taiwan's first giant DCM(SDW-48220) with 22m x 5m x 4m working space to one of the Top 100 Companies in the world in Italy.
Sell Taiwan's first Sliding Double Column Machining Center(SD-36060) into US market.
Sell Taiwan's first Sliding Double Column Machining Center(SD-36070) into India market.
Sell Taiwan's first 5A Double Column Machining Center(SD-42050) into Poland market.